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Summer is coming, how is your air conditioning

Summer is coming, how is your air conditioning

Summer is coming fast and soon we will reach for the AC button in our vehicles. Below are some common symptoms which will let you know your air conditioning needs servicing.

-Wet carpeting on hot, humid days can indicate a clogged air conditioner drain. When the drain is working correctly you'll see water dripping onto the pavement under the vehicle after you park.

-A vibration or abnormal noise when the fan is on could indicate debris in the blower fan

-A reduced amount of air coming out of the vents, especially if it happens after driving for awhile, might mean the air conditioner's evaporator is freezing up.

-A musty or mildew odor when the fan is first turned on, or all the time when the system is running, can indicate that mold or mildew is growing in the evaporator box.

As the weather starts to warm up, make sure you take care of your vehicle's air conditioning unit now and it will take care of you in July.


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