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How to Drive Smart and Save Money!

How to Drive Smart and Save Money!

How to Drive Smart and Save Money With no end in sight to high gas prices, consumers should take control of how they maintain and drive their vehicle to get more miles per gallon. It is very important for the health and life of your vehicle to maintain schedule services to ensure that your vehicle lives a long and productive life. Whether yours is the latest model or you paid it off years ago, the trick is giving your car the maintenance it was designed to receive. We recommend the following ways to drive smart and save money: Combine errands in one trip. Lighten the load by getting stuff out of the car, including the trunk with the exception of important emergency items. Unnecessary items weigh the vehicle down, causing an increase in gas usage. Stay within the speed limit. Gas mileage usually decreases when going over 65 miles per hour. Avoid aggressive driving. Sudden stops and starts or rapid acceleration decreases your vehicle's miles per gallon. Check the condition of t ... read more

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